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Capturing the attitude, emotion, and spirit....

As an artist,  I endeavor to look beyond the object - beyond the ordinary - to the spirit and attitude within.  I hope that you will agree that the watercolors on this site capture that inner energy.  

Since my goal is to capture 'attitude,' most of my subjects are soulful people with a story to tell.  Musicians in particular seem soulful. So do old folk. 

Some of what you see may be confusing. I believe that the natural color of an object is secondary and the colors chosen for my paintings represent the intangible.

This art is not for everyone... and I don't expect everyone to like my work. I hate seascapes and landscapes. I can't do cottages by a stream shrouded with towering pines so don't expect that variety.  There's not a lot of attitude in a sunset, but there's plenty on the following pages.

 I do expect everyone to have a strong opinion of my art.  Art should not just entertain.  Art should evoke emotion. 

 Enjoy the trip. 

A Word about Pricing...

Most of the pieces are in the one to two hundred price range unframed.  A standard matting and gallery style frame adds fifty bucks.   Email for details.  I want to see pieces find a good home so prices are flexible. 

BB King


A word about Portraits...


I like to do portraits of interesting and spirited people. Old folks are easiest because their faces are like a history book. Kids are hardest because they have less life experience to capture.

Consider me for an unconventional portrait - at a fairly reasonable price -from one to three hundred   - based on the size and subject (not the size of the subject- that doesn't matter).  If it's an interesting individual - I may do it for nothing. No sittings necessary.  Email me or mail me the photos... and Ill have a 12 x 16 matted watercolor of the spirit, the energy, and the essence of the individual.  Although it helps to meet the person, your description is sometimes all I need.  Portraits take three to four weeks although I can make them more quickly if necessary. 

Charles Ramer

141 S. Prospect St.

 Medina, OH  44256

PH:  330-931-5153